What are our two

major objectives for YOU?

Congratulations on joining the Empowered Millionaire Institute. You are recognized as an "Empowered Millionaire" and have access to a vast array of life development resources designed to broaden your monetary horizons and accomplish two major objectives.



Major Objective #1

Assist YOU in attaining a minimum of US$ ONE MILLION DOLLARS

personal net worth in cash and assets.

Empowered Millionaire Goal - One Million Dollars Net Worth




Major Objective #2

Enable YOU to live up to the Empowered Millionaire Manifesto

in your personal and financial endeavors.

Empowered Millionaire Manifesto

Joining the Empowered Millionaire Institute provides you with the tools to construct a strong and durable foundation that creates a life of financial independence and self empowerment, so that your wealth not only grows and flourishes, but multiplies handsomely.

Once your personal foundation is a mighty platform, one that is capable of supporting a lifetime of great financial achievement, we will work with you to show you how you can devote your most earnest efforts to maximizing ONE of the five major ways of attaining a million dollar net worth:


Business: Accumulating wealth as an entrepreneur marketing products and services such as direct sales, network marketing, mlm, real estate and life insurance.


Property: Accumulating wealth via owning and developing and managing properties and land and property based investments.


Investments: Accumulating wealth via owning and trading and speculating in stocks and bonds and commodities.


E-Commerce: Accumulating wealth via the unlimited income possibilities of the internet such as being an affiliate or creating your own e-commerce enterprise.


Personal Talent: Accumulating wealth via acting or singing or songwriting or creating art or authoring or professional sports or another utilization of your personal talent.


The Empowered Millionaire Institute is the ideal wealth vehicle to enable you to live the life you have often dreamed for yourself. Whether you desire to be an Internet millionaire or a baron on Wall Street, our personal empowerment strategies and financial success systems comprise the wealth package for you.

This personal development training resource center with its wealth management home study programs and online coaching consists of specific programs --- SUCCESS SYSTEMS --- that empower you step by step toward attaining financial independence.


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Suze Orman's personal finance advice

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Real Estate - World's Best Investment

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